Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Microsoft OneNote - Now FREE for All Platforms

I've been a user and believer of Microsoft OneNote since 2003 and used it extensively for work and home. It has been, to me, the ultimate in taking and keeping track of notes or information  for all occasions. OneNote is one of My Top 10 Most Useful iPad Apps.

Then OneNote was passed by EverNote as it worked on all devices and operating systems and, at the same time, information could be seen and synchronized to all of these platforms.

Well, Microsoft OneNote is back and in a very big way. It's FREE, works on all devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and PCs or Mac's. I have OneNote on my PC (Windows 8 too), iPad, Android tablet and Android smart phone and they all work great!

Microsoft OneNote is an app that let's you have Notebooks. Each notebook is a unique file you open with OneNote. Each notebook has sections seen across the top. You can create as many sections as you want. Then each section has Pages. One cool feature is that you can drag and drop sections to reorder then or do the same with page. Organization, or reorganizing is in your complete control and amazingly easy.

My vision disability loves OneNote as I can have the text as large as I want for everything. I use OneNote for vacation planning, mileage tracking for our car, writing outlines for these blog posts, the Computer Club I attend, banking and financial notes and just anything I need to remember. All of this in a single app -- OneNote. I love the ability to clip all or a portion of a web page right into a OneNote page quickly and easily using the OneNote Web Clipper. Click Here to Install the Clipper.

But please, don't take my word for it. Take a look at these short videos that show what you can accomplish with OneNote and without much trouble at all.

Microsoft OneNote
Getting Started with OneNote 2013
Microsoft OneNote 2013 Tour - Tutorial by Skeeter
Here are 5 OneNote Training Videos
OneNote 2013 Tutorial The OneNote Environment by TeachUcomp, Inc. This is FREE
Full Feature Overview of OneNote 2010 & 2013 by David Smith

OneNote for iPad
OneNote for iPhone
OneNote for Android
OneNote for Windows Phone
OneNote for Mac
OneNote for Windows 7 or 8
OneNote on the Web at
OneNote for Windows 8 Modern Interface in the Windows Store
NOTE: OneNote works very well with the touch interface in Windows. Don't miss it!

Hey there business people -- use OneNote for your project or marketing plans and then share the information across your network or the web. That's right -- everyone has access to see AND update the notes and in REAL TIME!


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(the above 3 sentences are saved in OneNote and I copy and paste them into each blog post. What a time saver!)

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