Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Find My Car app for Android That Works Quite Well

I've looked at a few "find my car" apps now and none have been that good. Either the text is too small to read, don't work accurately of just plain "hokey". But's one that actually works and it's called Find My Car-GPS Navigation by DS Software and it's for Android.

Find My Car-GPS Navigation is FREE but there is a pay version that removes ads. This app works perfectly fine and very accurate.  Those that know me know that I don't drive any longer due to my vision disability but my wife and I occasionally forget where the car is parked. For small parking lots this is plain ridiculous. Large parking lots, like stadiums and event facilities, is another matter.
The opening screen is basic yet easy with 3 main options (I like easy).
  1. Park - choose to get a satellite fix.
  2. Find My Car - the screen points in the direction of where your car is located
  3. Map My Car - use your phone's map and provide directions to your car
I gave the app a try at my local grocery store. I walked out into the parking lot and chose "Park". Then I went to the entrance to the store and tried "Find My Car" and then "Map My Car" as seen by the screen shots above. The map pin pointed the parking space and where I was at the entrance with very good accuracy.
I tried a similar FREE app and was amazed that it was NOT nearly as accurate. I wonder why this is?

Again, there is a pay version that removes ads and is only $3.00.
Just to be clear here. I think this app works quite well but an over-reaching question might be, "do I really need this kind of app?"  Frankly, I don't think so. However, I'm not deleting it yet -- just in case.

NOTE: I looked in the iTunes App Store for find my car type apps for the iPhone and there were quite a few.


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