Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Got a New Tablet or Smart Phone? What's First?

If you got a new tablet or smart phone for Christmas... congratulations! But what do you do first?

Thankfully, this there are no right or wrong things here but I have a few helpful hints and some recommendations from others that I've seen.

First and foremost, you must remember that Apple ID and Password you created if you got an iPad or iPhone. You will use these when obtaining new apps. For Android folks, remember the account name (typically a g-mail address but not always) and it's password. You must also associate a credit card with the account used when purchasing apps but we'll let the device remember that. For you, please remember the Apple ID/Account name and password.
Credit: Apple

Once here, pretty much the sky's the limit. However, for many of you, connecting with friends that have a similar device might be fun. For iPad (this includes the new iPad Mini) and iPhone people, I recommend trying out FaceTime. FaceTime allows you to make FREE video calls to friends and family who also have an iPad or iPhone. A daughter and I have been doing this recently after she got her iPad and it is quite fun to not only talk to her more but see her as well. Here is my recent article on using and setting up FaceTime or see the iPad/iPad Mini/iPhone User Guide. Give it a try.
Credit: Skype

For those of you that got an Android smart phone or tablet and it has a camera on both sides, you can do the same thing with Skype. Skype doesn't care which brand of phone or tablet you have and that's really good. Here is a link to an article I wrote to use and setup Skype.

I have so enjoyed chatting with one of my daughters via FaceTime that I wanted to share this fun experience.

Here are articles from people I've read for a long time and trust their work. Enjoy.

Please write comments, critical or otherwise. I want to improve based on what you want.

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