Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make FREE Video Calls with Skype. Here's How

Overseas Military personnel and their families keep in contact by video call using Skype. You too can use Skype to say hello and see your grandchildren at the same time.

Unlike Apple's FaceTime app which only works on Apple products, Skype is available for all types of computers and smart phones so anyone can participate. And it's FREE too.
Here's how to get started
  1. Create a Skype account at It's FREE.
  2. Install the FREE Skype software on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
  3. Setup Skype on your phone, tablet or PC (Windows or Mac)
  4. Search for contacts
  5. Make the call!
Go to
Create a Skype account. It's FREE

Setting up Skype
  1. From Skype, search for another person who has Skype and add them as a contact. A Skype message will be sent to the other person for permission to be a contact.
  2. Make the Skype call.

Choose the Skype Contact

Make the Call!
Making a Video call from a smartphone
A Skype Contact Profile
Skype is FREE with basic features. More advanced feature have a charge.

Please note:
  • Your device must have a network connection and a camera that faces you. 
  • Some carriers will allow video conference over a standard 3G connection while others will not. Either contact your carrier or give this a try to see. If not, make sure you are connected to the Internet via WiFi.
  • Skype can work while on 3G or 4G but works best on WiFi.
Your Skype User Name and regular name are ways for people to search for you. Please remember this when setting up your Skype account.
Using Skype can be FREE but you see frequent notes talking of premium or extra features, all with additional costs. My advice is to hold your ground until you find you use Skype more and more and feel you could indeed use those extra features.
Get Skype for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch from the Apple App Store.
Get Skype for Android from the Google Play Store.
Get Skype for Wmdows or Mac at
Get Skype for Wndows 8 from the Wndows store from within Wndows 8.

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