Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Read Any Good Books Lately? Try Audible to Listen Instead.

Read any good books lately? Unfortunately my vision disability has changed my book reading--but wait. Instead of reading books--I listen to books using and what a joy it has been.  Listening at night while traveling or, my favorite, while working out has made book reading enjoyable again.

My choice of listening device is my Android Galaxy Note 3 smart phone. I use the Audible app, connect it to the Audible site and purchase books directly from my phone and listen away. Once I finish a book, I delete it from the device but my library is safe and secure on the web site and can download and listen again anytime I desire.

Don't worry you iPhoneor iPad folks as an Audible app is available for you too. The Audible app can be found for Windows Phone and Blackberry too. is an Amazon company and joins you with the Kindle world of books but by listening instead. There are over 150,000 audible books available. There is just nothing like listening to a good reader (and Audible has some fantastic readers) and being immersed in the book.

I don't get paid for recommending Audible for you can get a FREE first book by joining Audible. Click here to check it out.

I must admit that audible books are more expensive than their Kindle counterparts but you can get a deal if you want both the Kindle and Audible versions. In fact, Kindle's Whisperync technology allows both Kindle and Audible to remembers where you left off. Listen to a book, stop and pick up where you stopped in the Kindle book. I utilize Audible's one book a month subscription for save. I get a credit per month and most books are a single credit. There are a few "monster" 2 credit books but I haven't tried one.

Audible has occasional deals and I've taken quick advantage of them so watch for 'em.

My latest books are mostly suspense novels. Try HiddenOrder by Brad Thor or Eye for anEye: a Dewey Andreas Novel (Book 4) by Ben Coes. I'm starting Sycamore Row by John Grisham.

My favorite Audible feature is setting an automatic shut off time when reading in bed. Audible is set to automatically shut off at the end of the chapter. This way I can easily go back to the beginning of the chapter to find where I fell asleep. Choose Menu, Sleep then End of chapter.

Again, I don't paid from Audible nor do I own stock in Amazon. I am just plain sold on Audible.  I do however, have an Amazon link on my web site and get a small commission if you make a purchase via that link.


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