Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Choice for Best App

I've never done this before but I strongly believe this app is the very best, the most useful and surprisingly enough -- it's from Microsoft! The app is Microsoft  OneNote.

First off, OneNote is now FREE! That's right--Microsoft has something for FREE.

Secondly, OneNote is available for all platforms. Windows PCs, Windows Tablets, Windows Phones, Android Phones, iPhones, iPads and the Mac. Oh and all are FREE. No subscriptions, no one time payments…just FREE.

So what's the big deal you say. I've heard OneNote referred to as an "information organization tool". That's a mouthful but I strongly believe it too.
  • It's a note taking tool
  • It's a note organization tool
  • It's a document creation tool
  • It's an information remembering tool
  • It's a To Do List
  • It's an outline

Everything you write in OneNote is searchable. That means you can find anything you've written, typed or copied from the web quickly and easily.

Clip web pages to OneNote for later reading, insertion into work projects or school assignments.

OneNote organizes information into Notebooks first. I keep 6 Notebooks open all the time. Each Notebook has Sections that go across the top of the screen. Sections are like chapters in a book. Then each Section has Pages.

A very cool feature of OneNote is that you can drag and drop a page to an earlier order or to a different Section or even to a different Notebook. And best of all, OneNote saves AUTOMATICALLY! There is no Save button anywhere. Type it and it saves instantly.

Another awesome feature is that you can have all of your Notebooks available to you on any of your devices--smartphones, tablets and other PCs. Check it out.


I like the ability to send emails to my OneNote. If something cool comes to me by email or I see something interesting on the web, I can "share" the information via email and send it to and the information is available to me in OneNote.

There is just not enough room in this blog to do OneNote justice but I strongly recommend you download and try it now. Again, it's FREE.

Watch this beginners OneNote Tutorial from

Create your first OneNote Notebook tutorial here.

Here is how someone uses OneNote for school.

Evernote has been the tool of choice for many but OneNote has passed it up. In fact, you can move all of your Evernote notes to OneNote with this tool.


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