Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My 6 Favorite Travel Apps

Kayak is my favorite app for investigating flight schedules and costs. Its screen is easy to use and easy to read. I can watch fare changes by setting up an alert on a particular route. This helps me decide when to "pull the trigger' on the purchase of a flight. When I see the fare and schedule I like I can click right on the screen to go either the airline site or other travel sites to make my purchase. Kayak is FREE and available on iOS, Android and even the web. Kayak is a Universal app for iOS which means it looks perfect regardless of iPhone or iPad.

Trip Advisor is a great place to get reviews of great places to visit when traveling. Trip Advisor is very common internationally and I've used it in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico most recently. Check out Cabo Flyboard for one of the greatest water activities I've ever attempted. My cousin provides reviews from her home in Florence, Italy and I get to see lots of fun things to do there. Trip Advisor is very similar to Yelp and available on iOS, Android and the web, all for FREE

Gate Guru, which is owned by TripAdvisor,  has an itinerary saver like TripIt but what Gare Guru does so well is show all of the Food, Shops and Service locations at each of the gates within an airport.  It even includes ratings from other travelers too. There's nothing more frustrating than getting off a plane and wanting to find a shop or restaurant that has good quality. Gate Guru is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone  and is FREE.


FlightTrack my app of choice to see when flights are late or on time. The Android interface is new and quite nice. I poetically like the view of the flight in progress and shows a plane superimposed on a map. Kind of cool. FlightTrack is available for iOS ($4.99 FREE for iPad if you already purchased for iPhone), Android ($4.99). There is a PRO version with additional features and cost.


Tripit is used to store my itineraries and travel plans. When I get an email confirmation of any type of travel I forward the email to Tripit and it is reformatted in consolidated and easy to read view of all travel plans for a particular trip. Tripit is FREE but has a PRO version too which can notify you of gate changes as well as fare changes for potential refunds. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry  and the web.


AMTRAK is an app on iOS and Android along with a web site. The app provides the ability to check a schedule, book a reservation, have the ticket on the app instead of paper and even see if the train is early or late. Over the last few years I've ridden AMTRAK and enjoyed the experience very much. It is not the cheapest method of travel but, by far, the most relaxing. The food is surprisingly good and the price is as expected--a little higher but not outrageous. I've done one 3 night trip and got a roomette which can sleep two but via an upper bunk. Comfort what top notch, there were restrooms and even showers very close buy and a car attendant to take good care of you and to make sure your room is clean. They even help to get your reservations for meals. Getting a sleep care, like the roomette, includes 3 meals per day. Check it out. Both Apps are FREE.

NOTE: Since these apps are mostly used for travel, the iOS versions are for the iPhone and not optimized for the iPad.

Please feel free to share your favorite Travel Apps too. I'd love to hear about them.

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