Thursday, September 19, 2013

iPad Tip: Improve Battery Life by Stopping Programms Running in the Background [iOS 7] Update Sept 20

The iPad (iPhone and iPod Touch) leaves apps in the background when you choose a new one. You can see these apps by double-pressing the Home button. What you may not know is while most of these apps just sit there waiting for you to return to them, others are running and drain your battery.

Apps that use GPS and your location, music playing apps, Internet phone apps like Skype and apps using Newsstand or Weather can drain the battery. To avoid this, close the apps running in the background.

Watch this 1 min 47 sec video demonstration.

You can close any or all of the apps by again, double tapping the Home button to see, what Apples calls the multitasking screen. In iOS 7, you see each running app and a large screen of the app right where has been left off. Do a ONE [update] finger swipe upward to "throw the app off to close it. Don't worry, the apps won't be deleted.

This method works on all iOS 7 iPads, iPad Minis, iPhones and iPod Touches.


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