Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Human Anatomy in 3D for iPad and iPhone

Have you ever been curious about the human anatomy? Check out these 2 apps for iPad and iPhone in beautiful 3d and high resolution graphics.

[UPDATE] My wife asked my why I even wanted to look at these apps anyway. It began over 2 years ago when we both had surgeries. Me with a knee replacement and my wife with an ankle replacement (which was rare then). I had an interest in seeing what the details were surrounding my knee replacement. What did the nerves look like as I have a small place where there isn't any feeling. My wife's ankle swells most of the time and I was interested to know what the muscles and nerves were doing there. This curiosity brought me to search the Apple App Store and here is what I found.

One thing for certain, the iPads beautiful retina display screen makes for viewing pictures and movies pure joy. Try looking at beautiful graphics of the human anatomy.

I've been looking at two apps recently and thought I would share. Both have just beautiful graphics and the ability to rotate views in 3 dimensions. It takes a little getting used to using one finger for some motions, two fingers for others and even three fingers. Both apps are the same in this regard so once I got used to one the other was a breeze. Both apps have additional modules for purchase if you have a keen interest in a particular area of the body like the brain, eyes, ankle, etc.

The first is Human Anatomy Atlas. I've taken the FREE version for a spin to get a good feel. Not all modules of the app are available in the FREE version but I got a good look at it. The full version costs $34.99 but I notice it is on sale for $29.99 for a limited time. Human Anatomy Atlas has very high rankings.

The next app is called Essential Anatomy 2 but I tried the FREE Essential Skeleton 2 to test drive it. Essential Skeleton is equal in beauty based on the graphics. It costs $29.99 with additional modules going for between $6.99 to $12.99. Essential Anatomy looks to be used much by medical schools as there is a quiz module. I suspected Doctors use this tool to explain procedures or issues to patients. They can even draw on the iPad screen, save the picture and e-mail it.


  • Both have terrific graphics and use of 3 dimensional viewing


  • The high price. $29.99 for one and $32.99 for the other.
  • Both are very large programs and take up hundreds of megabytes of space. If your iPad or iPhone has limited space then these are not for you.


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