Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Most Common "How do I do ..." Questions for Windows 8

Microsoft is having some trouble getting folks to embrace Windows 8 and I have experienced the frustrations from friends about Windows 8. Some things are just plain different and Microsoft did not show people how to do common tasks with Windows 8 especially with a mouse and keyboard -- not touch. I've created a 6 minute video showing the answers to my 5 most common "how do I do ..." in Windows 8.

The most common is "how do I close a program?" That's right, there isn't an 'X' in the upper right corner as Windows 7 and all previous versions of Windows.

Here are the questions I answer:
  1. How do I close a program?
  2. How can I see and get to already opened programs?
  3. How do I see all of the "tiles" on the Start Screen?
  4. How do I see all programs installed on my computer?
  5. How do I shut down the computer? Unfortunately this takes 4 clicks but Windows 8.1 does it in 2 clicks.

Full Disclosure. I am using a Microsoft Surface RT Tablet with a Touch keyboard running Windows 8.1 Preview. Don't worry, learning the above 5 items will NOT hamper you in Windows 8.1--it will help you!

Please share any and all Windows 8 frustrations you may have encountered.

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