Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Unique Alarm Clock for iPad and iPhone

I utilize my iPad as a night stand alarm clock and weather information tool while it charges overnight and have been extremely happy with Nightstand Central for iPad. I've included it in my Top 10 Most Useful Apps too. However, I came across another night stand alarm clock with some very interesting features. It's called Smart Alarm HD by


Smart Alarm HD


Smart Alarm HD for both iPad and iPhone tracks your sleep patterns by listening to you sleep. It can tell when you are in Deep Sleep, Lite Sleep or REM (rapid eye movement) Sleep. It will even record disturbances in your sleep and allow you to play them back. That's right everyone -- it records snoring.


There is a FREE version of Smart Alarm but is a bit crippled. It only records sleep for 30 to 40 minutes only. I purchased the HD version after just 2 days because I knew I would use this app regularly. The full version has been $2.99 but dropped to $.99 this week. [Update Aug 17-Price returned to $2.99]

Smart Alarm HD's goal is to help you sleep well and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. I cannot vouch for that so much but I can now state with confidence that I snore. Not because my wife says I do but because now I can hear it for myself.


The most interesting part is that the alarm can be set for a specific time but Smart Alarm will alter the time so you awake without a jolt from a deep sleep. I'm still testing this to be sure but the concept sounds interesting. That is, of course, if the alarm time isn't the most important event in the morning.


As always, I am very aware that I need to be able to see the screen well due to my vision disability and Smart Alarm HD for iPad doesn't disappoint. I can choose green digital numbers or an analog clock with white or black background. My preference is the black background. I can even touch a vertical slider on the left side to make the screen dimmer or brighter.


The alarm has multiple settings. It can be a simple alarm with no sleep analysis or recordings or combinations of an adjusted alarm with or without the analysis and recording.

Two notes. To start the recording and alarm, you slide the orange Start button from left to right when you go to bed. What looks like a red second hand that doesn't move is, in reality, the alarm setting indicator. Odd, I know.


Additional cool features include:

  • Local weather in the upper right corner.
  • Go to sleep with background sounds of either music, white noise, ocean waves, rain and thunder, etc. I go to sleep to the sound of Storm and Thunder.
  • You can even wake up to these too.

Be aware that Plus Sports has other apps that it wants you to try, even in the pay version. It's not obnoxious but there none the less.


For you Android phone or tablet users, give Smart Alarm Clock or Sleepbot - Sleep Cycle Alarm. They are both FREE but I have not tried them yet. Let me know what you think.

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