Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Use Google Alerts -- A Fascinating Search Tool

I stumbled onto something interesting from Google the other day and have really liked what it does for me-saving time. It's called Google Alerts. Google Alerts is not new but new for me. It's been around for about 2 years though. I get daily and weekly e-mails of new information about topics I choose. I don't have to go looking for things on the web, Google finds them for me and delivers them neatly into my e-mail inbox. This is not an app for a tablet, PC or smart phone. This is on the web for everyone and absolutely FREE.

Here's how it works. To create an alert, I choose a key word or phrase that I am interested in and have Google search all corners of the web. I have been very interested in driver less cars since I can't drive anymore. So, I entered the words "driver less car" as key words and let Google do its thing. Google Alerts sends me an e-mail each week (I can choose e-mails to come daily or weekly) with links to each and every article to read when I want. Is that easy or what.
Then I tried a more difficult topic-my vision condition called Retina Pigment Epithelium Dystrophy. I only used the first two words "Retinal Pigment" to see if I could get a broader return of articles. Although I didn't get near as many items as the driver less car, I got more than I thought I would. How cool is this.

Try for yourself. 
  1. Choose a word or phrase from something you'd like to read about on a continual basis
  2. Enter your e-mail address
  3. Confirm the alert you've created
That's it!

How about an alert pertaining to sports or a hobby like gardening or more specifically "rose gardening". For some it might be a TV or Movie personality or a new movie you can't wait to see. For technology people like myself, create alerts for "Google Glass" the new glasses that connect to your smart phone and present images and information in front of your eye.  Take a quick look if you like.  or anything on the supposed "iPhone 6" or "iPhone 7". Create as many Google Alerts as you like but be careful, you might get more things to read than you have time but hey, at least the articles or not "junk" like many of us get now. I'm sure you can find something. Here are some other examples. 

Get Started with Google Alerts
More on what Google Alerts are
Manager your Google Alerts
Have fun.
If you find any interesting things from Google Alerts, please share in the comments space below. Thanks.

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