Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My 8 Most Used Smartphone Apps

I use my smartphone like a computer.

Notice: These are my personal favorites only. I have a vision disability so apps need to be readable.

MyWeather. FREE. I've become a bit of a "weather geek". I check the weather frequently for my area as well as where we might be going for the day. Since I love rain, radar maps are great fun to watch. iPhone and Android.

Seismic (Twitter). FREE. I read Twitter from my smartphone and iPad. I use Seismic because I can enlarge the text. For me, I use Twitter to See people I like and what they have to say in brief. I use Twitter much more than I ever thought. I read "tweets" about 30 minutes per day. Android.

DoggCatcher. $4.99. Podtcaster. Podcasts are simply recorded radio shows. I subscribe to a few weekly technology shows then listen at my leisure. This is one of the ways I keep up on tech without having to read. Android.

Calendar Pad for Android. FREE. I have control to enlarge the text so it is easy to read. In my opinion most calendars have about the same features...daily, weekly or monthly views. For me however, I need to be able to increase text size so I can read it. Android.

Camera. Included FREE. I don't use anything other than the included camera app. No need to as i just take, share and save pictures. For simplicity sake, I believe avoiding those other camera apps is a good thing to do.

Gmail for Android. FREE. Although there is a generic mail app on all smartphones I use Gmail. It is easy to read and use. Look, I'm not married to Gmail or anything but it's the e-mail app I use for now. Android and iPhone.

Flixster. FREE. A terrific app to find out movies playing at theatres near me. Yes, Flixster works when I am away from home. It will find theaters near me wherever I am. I use this app more than once per week which actually surprises me. I'm very glad it is readily available though. Android and iPhone.

Grocery IQ. FREE. This is my grocery shopping list app. Not only is it a list but it has coupons you e-mail to yourself for printing and puts those items onto the list. list items are saved for selecting in the future. This saves time. A cool feature is you can save the order of shopping aisles for the stores you frequent. This way the list goes in order by aisle for the specific store you are shopping. Android and iPhone.

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Please share your most used smartphone apps.

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