Friday, June 8, 2012

Kindle is my favorite e-reader

I use Kindle on the iPad and do not have a Kindle device.

I've been reading e-Books since 2008 on my PC and later with a Sony e-Reader and it worked well for about a year. Unfortunately, as my vision degraded, I could no longer use the Sony e-Reader even though I could enlarge the text. The contrast between text and background was no longer adequate. Right about this time the first iPad came out and it's back-light was the primary reason for my purchase. I could read again!

Why the iPad and not Kindle's own e-reader?

The iPad has a back light providing terrific contrast between text and background. Early e-Readers, the Kindle included, used what is called e-ink. This is dark gray (NOT black) on a very light gray (NOT white) background. This technology works very well and provided for very long battery life, upwards of a month without recharging the book. Kindle and Nook are coming out with back lighted screens so the market is getting very competitive.

I decided on the Kindle software for the iPad right away even thought other reader apps were available. All e-Readers allow for text enlargement (which I require) but Kindle has had the unique ability so save your place in the book and send that to the cloud. Thus, I can pick-up the same book on the Kindle for PC or Kindle for my Android phone and continue reading right where I left off. This is a "wow" for me and got be hooked on the Kindle ecosystem of books from

Apple now has it's own e-Book store and reader program called iBooks for the iPad. It too has the ability to save your place so you can pick up on another Apple device, like the iPhone, with iBooks and continue reading. iBooks is a very good alternative but I have begun with Kindle and have a pretty large library of books there.

There are many good e-reader programs but not all are compatible with each other. The Banes and Noble Nook, for instance, can only have books in the format available from Barnes and Noble. Apple's iBooks books only work on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. The Kindle is a brand from Thus books purchased from work on the Kindle. There are a couple of exceptions however. There are some older, and still used formats but I won't go into detail as it is just more technical than it needs to be.

Kindle reader software is FREE and available for the PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone. (Kindle), Apple (iBooks) and Barnes and Noble (Nook) have extensive book libraries of new releases as well as classics. You would not be disappointed with any of these 3 e-Readers.

Kindle is one of my Top 10 Most Useful Apps. Click Here to read about the others.

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