Thursday, May 10, 2012

Copying photos from phone to PC quickly and easily.

One of the most useful apps I have is SugarSync for my Android smartphone. It can copy photos to the cloud quickly and easily. SugarSync then copies those same photos to your PC. Here's an example. I'm on vacation and have been taking beautiful pictures with my smartphone and I want to make sure nothing happens to these irreplaceable photos. Do I e-mail them to myself or what? E-mail can work but not very effective.

A little background on SugarSync. SugarSync is a backup program for PCs and I've used it for over 2 years. I will write an article on the other powerful features of SugarSync but back to photos shall we.

SugarSync can wait until your smartphone connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and will begin copying all photos up to the SugarSync service. Once there is will copy those same photos down to your PC. This is the power of SugarSync. Don't worry, SugarSync won't make duplicate after duplicate each time you connect to Wi-Fi. SugarSync remembers photos that were previously copied. NOTE: You can tell SugarSync to immediately copy pictures without Wi-Fi. Please be aware that if you are in another country this data usage can be very expensive.

  • First create a SugarSync account on your PC. This is FREE and necessary. This will create a Mobile Photos folder within your My Pictures folder on your Windows PC. (You get more than adequate space with the Free account but more space can be purchase for a monthly or annual subscription)
  • Then get SugarSync from Google Play on your Android smartphone. (SugarSync is available for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch too.)

No longer worry about accidentally loosing photos from your phone.

There are many services and programs that do what SugarSync does and I'll share in a future article. There are also photo sharing services that are a little different and I will do an article about these as well. I use Picasa but there are many others.

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