Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Make Paper Airplanes!

Try something fun from your younger years...make a paper airplane!

Take a peek here at some great old fashioned paper airplanes or some fancy types to bring back some childhood memories. Grab a child or grand child, some notebook paper (printer paper these days) and check out these links from some really terrific artists in the paper airplane field. I've included some You Tube videos too.

So grab that tablet or pull up a few chairs in front of your PC and take a journey and fold some airplanes.

Take a look at Kyong Lee's "Amazing Paper Airplanes". A very cool Eurofighter is on the front page and looks challenging. Kyong has simple to complex designs so start where you like.

Give a try so see what is available. "The Arrow" is the one I remember making all the time. is someone from outside the US as A4 paper is used but I just love the idea of using colored paper for the different planes. Very creative.

Here's a very nice 6 minute video on paper airplanes.

Go to the Fun Paper Airplanes site where you can download FREE templates for some nice and familiar airplanes.

And for you origami lovers, here is

Tell me what you think and share your experience with this timeless exercise in creativity and fun.


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