Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 Handy Apps in One - Agent Do Not Disturb and More

Agent - Do Not Disturb and More for Android smart phones is a collection of 5 very useful apps. It's invisible and just runs in the background taking up very little resource or power.


Many of us want our phones to be tools to make us more efficient and effective and search for apps that take us in this direction. It even has large text for my poor vision. Here's what you get.

Battery: An app that helps you save battery usage along the way and then takes more drastic action when the battery is close to dying.

Sleep: Have times of the day, typically night time, where your phone won't ring or sound off those pesky notifications. Sleep then allows you to select any of your contacts where interruptions ARE allowed. Now that's effective.

Parking: Let your smart phone remember the precise GPS location in that very large parking lot-Shopping Mall, amusement park, etc.

Meeting: Silence your phone during meetings based on your calendar appointments. You won't have to remember to do anything here.  If there's a meeting on your calendar, your phone won't ring. What's really nice is that you can choose your particular calendar to us for blocking. For instance, you may have a Family Calendar and a Work Calendar. The Work Calendar will stop calls while your Family Calendar will allow calls or choose the reverse.

Drive: Texting and emailing while driving is just plain unsafe. However, you can have your phone automatically respond back stating you are driving and will return the text later or let the phone read the text message to you.

You can even see a screen that shows how it has helped during the day.


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