Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Try Flixster When Going to a Movie

Flixster isa FREE app for iOS and Android that is my "go to" movie and theaterapp.

Flixster for iOS

Flixster for Android

We go tothe movies about once per week, sometimes more and often at a moment's notice.While out and about my wife might say, "let's go to a movie, what'splaying?" All I have to do is lookat my smart phone and look at Flixster.

Flixster for Android


Flixstershows theaters close to you by using the phone's GPS. No searching needed. Youcan even choose a particular movie and see where it's playing and at what time.

  • Play Movie Trailers
  • Get Show times
  • View Photos
  • View and Add Ratings
  • Purchase Tickets
  • See Upcoming Movie Info

If you area movie fan, Flixster is a "must have" app regardless of mobiledevice.

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