Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Windows 8 End User Training Brochure for Beginners. Short, Sweet and Pretty Good

Download this new Windows 8 End User Training Brochure--I call it a terrific, 36 page Getting Started Guide. I strongly believe Microsoft could have dramatically changed people's first impression of Windows 8 if this simple document was made available early on.

It is an easy and fast read at only 36 pages and those pages have great pictures with easy to understand text. In fact, this FREE guide could be read before one purchases Windows 8. It would certainly remove many fears of the new operating system.

One of the things I really like about this guide is that it is written for beginners. The language is kept plain and avoids "geek speak". It also shows how to use the mouse and keyboard to get around as well as touch. We must remember that many will upgrade to Windows 8 on older PCs instead of buying a new computer that has the new touch feature.

Also note the very good description of Internet Explorer 10. I've heard from many beginners that they don't like Internet Explorer on Windows 8 because there are no longer tabs. Indeed there are tabs but they are out of the way to allow for a much better view of the page and those friendly tabs can be easily seen with a single click or swipe.


I also question a few things about this guide but don't take these as serious faults. Microsoft shows the File History feature on page 19. I think of File History, a very good yet different method of backing up files but for those beyond "beginner" status. Yes, having a method to backup important information is valuable but I consider many other topics much more important for beginners to become more comfortable with Windows 8.

Another unnecessary topic for this guide is on page 24 where Microsoft describes Windows To Go, Windows 8 Enterprise In Your Pocket. Just how many people does Microsoft think will use this feature, let lane beginners? I'm sure some will but, heavens, not beginners. Geeze Microsoft.

If Microsoft wanted this user guide to show all features of Windows 8 then they left out quite a bitf but I don't believe they wanted this. If this guide was to introduce a beginner to Windows 8, which I like very much, then I believe a few topics (like the two above) could have been left for another document.

Bottom line, get this guide now and discover that Windows 8 is pretty good indeed.


Myself and others have made the comment that a document like this should have been made available at launch, in fact, Microsoft produced the Windows 8 and Windows RT Product Guide.

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