Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Google Keep - A Simple Note Taking App That Rings Big

I have used, and still use a variety of To Do List or Notes apps. I might be a little fixated with them but I digress. I seem to rely on them for their unique advantages but not rely on a single one. Google recently released a new app called Google Keep and it is getting mixed reviews from tech pundits.


There are some big names in the note taking world like Evernote and Microsoft's One Note. However, simplicity is the name of the game these days and Google Keep gets a note because of just that. I love that the app starts up instantly and I can speak a note, save it and exit the app in seconds. It really does save time when I think of something I need to do and don't want to forget and that's what technology is supposed to do--save us time and energy. And as important to me because of my vision disability, the notes and text are big and easy to read. Best of's FREE.

I can see my notes on any mobile device as well as my PC using Google Keep. The notes are large and clear and this bodes well for my vision disability.
Another big reason I like Google Keep is that I can use it on my Android smart phone or on the web on my PC or iPad. Use Google Keep on any other device or PC from
I am not going to replace any of my note taking apps with Google Keep. I am, however, going to stop putting those quick reminders in them and use Keep instead. There are more feature rich note apps out there and I use some of them, but don't skip looking at Google Keep if all you want or need is something quick, easy and time saving.

I've been using Google Keep for over 2 months and haven't deleted it. I still use it but I am not "in love" with it. It's still simple, easy to read and all but... I think I'll keep looking. Don't blame Google Keep for this as it might be just the think for you.
BGR (Boy Genius Report) Google Launches Google Keep note-taking service March 20, 2013 by Dan Graiziano
NOTE: Google Drive is required for Google Keep. Google Drive is FREE too.

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