Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Exercise with RunKeeper

You may be an experienced runner or jogger or someone who wants to do the basics to stay healthy and fit, RunKeeper is an app that will help you to stay motivated on your quest.

Runkeeper does GPS tracking of your outdoor walks, runs and cycling routes. Items tracked are; speed, distance, pace, miles/kilometers per hour, etc. It even shows and saves a map of your route. In addition, you can manually enter activities in a gym or home workout. Things like exercise machine, time, distance, heart rate, miles/kilometers per hour, heart rate, repetitions, etc. All of this on your Android or iOS smart phone.

Enter the Exercise Machine
Enter the Type of Workout
Input the Workout Information and Save
To some this might sound like a lot of work but it really isn't. For me it's the motivation to keep me going as I can see weight loss results, the ability to do more and the healthy feeling when completing an exercise. Beyond that, RunKeeper sends you congratulatory e-mails when you've exceeded a previous week or month's event. For instance, after my workout today, I got an e-mail congratulating me for burning the most calories in a month. It's like your own personal trainer that you don't have to pay! Now that I like.
RunKeeper Route Map with Stats on Web
RunKeeper Route Map from Android
RunKeeper is FREE but for the more sophisticated runner or cyclists, you can subscribe to RunKeeper Elite for $4.99 per mo. or $19.99 per year and get more features like "live" activity broadcasting on the web, additional training plans and more sophisticated reports.. Now I'm not one of these people and you might not be either so the Free RunKeeper has worked great for me for over 2 years.
Miles on Bike, Elliptical Machine and Walk 
Get started by going to to create a free account. Put the software on your smart phone and log in. That's it. Enjoy yourself, enjoy your life by having fun with exercise.
The RunKeeper website has links to much, much more in the way of tracking and enjoying exercise. Take a look around.

Please share your favorite app for exercising.

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