Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Should I buy Windows 8?

Windows 8 has a beautiful look and feel to it. The application icons are larger and show information right on them. These larger icons are called "live tiles". Most existing Windows programs will work on Windows 8. And you do not need to upgrade your current PC's memory, hard drive or processor to install Windows 8 either. A Windows 8 PC starts up in about 25 seconds and apps start faster too. Microsoft Word opens in 2 seconds. So, should you upgrade to Windows 8?

Just announced January 17, the Windows 8 introductory prices are going way up! Upgrade will be $119 Feb 1. Get the upgrade before then for $39g.99.

As is the answer for many questions, it depends. For many, the PC is something you use to get things done. Check a little email, surf the web and that's about it. Some will even do all of their finances on it. They want the PC to work, not be work and learning a new operating system might be considered a waste of least for some. If this is the case for you, passing on Windows 8 would be OK. Windows 7 works perfectly well. It's safe, smooth and you know how to do your stuff on it. Even if you have Windows XP you might still be good by staying where you are.

A computer enthusiast will probably go right ahead (likely already has) and take the plunge to Windows 8. I did and have absolutely no regrets.

If, on the other hand, you are pondering getting a new desktop, laptop or even one of those new Microsoft tablets, go ahead and do it. Do NOT let a new Windows 8 operating system stop you. Windows 8 works great and is easy to use. Most new PCs will have "touch". That is you can touch the screen to start apps and navigate around by swiping the screen from left to right or right to left.

I know, having to learn something new is not much fun. But, do you remember moving into your current home? The kitchen cabinets were different and you had to put things away in slightly different places and it took a while to get used to where things were. But you got used to it didn't you? Well that's the way it is with Windows 8.

If you are thinking about a new PC, go right ahead and do it. Windows 8 will be very good especially if the screen is a "touch screen". Windows 8 was designed for "touch". Please be aware. Windows RT will NOT run older Windows software. Windows 8 laptops, Ultrabooks and All in Ones will. Windows 8 tablets will hit shelves in January. (More on Windows 8 PCs in my next article)
  • If you are keeping your current PC or laptop, keeping Windows 7 is a safe bet.
  • If you are seriously pondering an upgrade, click here to take a look at the steps. Use the Upgrade Assistant to examine your current PC to see what is needed. Windows 8 works perfectly well with a keyboard and mouse.

If you would like more details on upgrading to Windows 8, Paul Thurott (author of Windows 7 Secrets and Windows 8 Secrets) shows what to do based on your current Windows version. See the links below.

Upgrade from Windows XP
Upgrade from Windows Vista
Upgrade from Windows 7
Upgrade from Windows 8 Release Preview

NOTE: You would actually upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99. Windows 7 Upgrade cost me $109.00 3 years ago so this is a great deal.

If you'd like to take a quick preview of Windows 8, click here and watch a few quick videos from the Microsoft website.

Coming soon...Tablet Grandpa talks about new PCs and tablets for Windows 8.

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