Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keyboards for iPads?

Using a keyboard with an iPad is a very personal thing.

For some people they're looking for the iPad to replace a laptop. For me, this just isn't so. The iPad replaces my laptop for about 80 to 90% of the things I do. My wife has now uses her iPad in place of her laptop for about 90% of the things she does in her real estate business. She loves the Zaggfolio because it is a case and keyboard combination but mostly because it comes in a variety of colors including purple.

I don't use an external keyboard much at all when I use my iPad. However, when I do use a keyboard and external keyboard wireless keyboard that is a little bit wider or larger than the width of the iPad. My wife on the other hand uses a keyboard 100% of the time with her iPad. My wife uses a ZaggFolio case with an included keyboard ($100). I use a Logitech Tablet Keyboard ($70).

James Kendrick, a professional blogger, has written articles about many iPad, tablet, keyboards.

All of these keyboards are wireless, that is to say there are no connecting wires which is very convenient. However, these keyboards require batteries or must be charged. A recent keyboard from Logitech charges from indoor light. Now this is my ideas of convenience.

My grandson, Jordan, recommend I write this article and I'm glad he did.

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