Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Apps My Grandsons Like to Play

Interesting enough, kids can pick up an iPad and start using it right away. It seems like the two fit hand and glove. Two of my grand sons (ages 5 and 6, soon to be 7) love to play on my iPad. It's now one of the first things they say when they come over..."Grandpa, can we play the iPad?" I say sure and they are thoroughly immersed for a good 30 minutes.

Here are some of the apps they love.

Garage Band

They seem to go to GarageBand first. This iPad app is a bit expensive at $9.99 but they just love it. GarageBand allows one to choose an instrument like piano, drums, guitar or violin and play single notes or strum chords. What gives them the giggles is the ability to record their voice and then hit notes and listen to their voice go higher or lower depending on which note they touch. I giggle too.

BalloonDarts (FREE) is another fun app. It is the throw a dart at the rising balloon and get it to pop. Some hand eye coordination but they get it just fine.

The last one I have is Spell Animals (FREE). Just spell the animal they see and have some fun. They loose interesting in this one fast but they keep playing.

So the next time your iPad and grand kids are together, let them give the iPad a try.

And for a bit of humor.....

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