Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A wonderful Task Manager

I'm all about using a task manager instead of a written to do list. Re-writing a list each day just doesn't seem to be very efficient. Besides I have terrible handwriting.

Over the past few years I have tried a few good task managers (to do lists) and have like most. But I heard about a new one called Any.Do (any dot do) and I like it a lot.

It has a very clean look and this works well for my vision disability. That is to say tasks are easy to read as there is space between text. You can choose a black or white background. White works best for my vision problem.

Any.Do's works so very nicely. It's all about tasks that need to be done Today, Tomorrow, This Week or Later. That's it. Unfinished Today tasks automatically stay in Today when tomorrow rolls around. Pretty common for Task Managers but moving or changing the order of tasks is very easy. Just touch and hold a task for a moment and the drag it to the place in the order you desire. No need to edit the task for this. However a task can be easily edited if necessary. Entering tasks is amazingly easy. Either type away or speak your task.

Any.Do works on iPhone/iPad as well as Android. In fact, tasks can synchronize between the two systems. Any.Do is FREE. It works with Google So create a FREE Google account to get started.

In a few short days I've come to enjoy Any.Do very much.

Tell me what you think.

Android Version

iPhone Version

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