Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What else can you do with your smartphone's Camera?

Since a camera is always with me as it is built into my smartphone, taking pictures for more than family photos is very valuable.

Take pictures of receipts for tax or expense report purposes. If you need to keep close track of business expenses and the receipts that go with them, consider doing away with this slips of paper and go paperless until you need them at tax time.

Take a picture of the parking sign number/letter where you park so you can find your car. My memory is not what it used to be so now I let my camera do the remembering for me. Get that photo and keep your mind relaxed for that vacation or shopping trip.

Take a picture of something at a store and share before you buy. This is a good method to remember what you saw at the store. Maybe the many coffee tables or chairs being considered for the living room. Or take photos of price tags from the shelf if comparing household items.

Try your camera as a fax machine replacement. I use a program called CamScanner (Anddroid or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) to convert photos into PDF files which are common outputs of scanners. Instead of paper into a fax just email it. There is a FREE version of CamScanner or a Pay version that removes CamScanner from the footer of each page.

That's right, your smartphone's camera is also a brain, fax and copier!

What other uses for your camera can you think of?

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