Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Windows 10 Is Here - View This Quick Guide First

FINALLY! Microsoft creates a quick and easy to read guide for their new operating system-Windows 10. They didn't do this with Windows 8 (at least I never found one) and it hurt them badly!

It's only 14 pages so it's a quick read.

However, there are some topics here that I don't think are that important to average computer users, at least those I pay attention to -- beginners and seniors.

Here are the topics found in the guide and their order. (italics mine)

Table of Contents (of course!)

Key Innovations

  • Cortana (similar to Apple's Siri but more)
  • Microsoft Edge (a new browser and it is better than Internet Explorer)
  • Gaming and Xbox (not that important to me)
  • Built-in apps (Head and shoulders better than what came with Windows 8 or 8.1)

Enterprise-grade secure and fast (this is huge to me especially the fast part)

  • Windows Defender (anti-virus and anti-malware for FREE)
  • Smart Screen (huh? I guess this is important)
  • Windows Hello (I like this a lot, but it requires a new type of camera so a new computer is in order)
  • Hiberboot (this is the "fast" I really like. Even shutdown is really fast)
  • InstantGo (sounds good)

  • Familiar and easy to use (this should be topic #1 for those that trudged through Windows 8 or who avoided it due to the backlash)
  • Start (Yeah! I am completely comfortable with the new pieces here too)
  • Compatible (a long standing Microsoft guiding principle)
  • Multi-tasking (good, but not used all that much)
  • Continuum (Say what?!. This is good. Your computing experience is what made this feature possible)

Seamlessly stay up to date (some positive and negative opinions on this, but I like it and support it)

  • Automatic Updates (I've always had this turned on and it has NEVER hurt me)
  • OneDrive (all of my documents are on my computer AND in the cloud and OneDrive is one of those apps that make the work)
  • Windows Store (we get our apps here now and it works)

Again, the Windows 10 Quick Guide is only 14 pages so take a look before you upgrade to Windows 10. Heck, read it after you upgrade.


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