Wednesday, July 16, 2014

4 iPad Camera Tips

The iPad is one of true wonders of the world when it comes to viewing photos.

1) When using the camera, tap the screen where you would like to focus. A small blue square appears showing the area the camera is now focused on.

2) You can even zoom in by doing the pinch out motion. Be aware that the quality of the picture degrades as you zoom in farther.

3) Another tip is that the camera doesn't actually take the picture until the shutter button is released. Therefore you can press down on the shutter button, steady your frame and then release the button to take the picture. This helps avoid blurry pictures.
Credit: iPad User Guide

4) From the camera screen you can get to your recent pictures by swiping the screen from left to right with a single finger. Keep swiping to see previously taken photos. You can get back to the beginning by tapping the screen and choose Done to return to the camera to begin the process again.

Check out this great article called Six easy tips for taking great photos on your iPad by Lou Hattersley.


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