Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Calendar App With a Twist


A good calendar app on a smart phone is so valuable but frankly, a bit boring. Up To Calendar changes that by adding a wonderful feature--seeing other events, in categories you select, and when they are going to take place. You can then add them to your calendar. Wow!

I heard about Up To Calendar while listening to the webcast called All About Android and each host share an app. In episode 163, Gina Trapani recommended Up To Calendar and I gave it a try.

Watch this 27 second video about how the Up To Calendar works.

My favorite calendar app is DigiCal which pulls my Google calendar from the web. What makes DigiCal so good is Large text for my vision disability. Bigger is required and DigiCal does this nicely. Up To Calendar has the same views (although text isn't as large) as DigiCal with my most useful view being the Agenda or List view. I see what is upcoming on my calendar  for today, tomorrow and beyond.
Image Credit: Up To
Up To Calendar has an icon that looks like a stack of papers that I touch to see other events coming up. If I want to participate in one of those events I simply swipe to the left and touch the red Add option and now that event is on my calendar.

Image Credit: Up To
When are the Oakland A's in town and I can decide which game to attend and put it right on my calendar.
What new movies are playing and put it on my calendar.
I can see when new TV shows are premiering and put them on my calendar.

Up To Calendar is FREE for iOS and Android.
Up To for iOS

UpTo works with your existing calendar. Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, Facebook Events and any other calendar that synchs with your phone. Enter an event into your UpTo calendar and it synchs to your web or desktop calendar. Now that's awesome!

Here's how to get started.
  1. Install the App
  2. Create a FREE Account
  3. Give UpTo permissions to see and create events to your phone's calendar.
Image Credit: Up To

One can follow or attach to other calendars. You can even publish your organization's calendar to UpTo for others to follow. Learn how. There is a FREE or Standard version, a Premium version for $5 per month or a Customer version where a quote can be obtained. The Standard version could be a great method to share a baseball schedule for the kids, a bowling league or any group activity. Unlimited Calendars and Unlimited Events--all for FREE.


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