Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get More From Google Now

Google Now is an intelligent system of "cards" that provide information to you without you manually asking for it.

Google Now works in the background and presents information to you in the form or "cards" on your Android smartphone screen. You can now have google now on your iPhone/iPad, PC or Mac and, of course, Android Smart Phones.  I must note that Google Now uses technology from later versions of the Android operating system, thus might not be available on older smart phones.

Google Now can present your airline boarding  information on the day of your flight or when you approach the airport. Google Now does this if you have your flight information saved as a calendar appointment. Google Now continuously checks things so you don't have to.

Google Now will remind you to leave for an appointment and the appropriate time including traffic conditions all by noticing what might be upcoming in your calendar.

Google Now can remind you of local events that might be happening today or public transportation stops. To some, Google Now feels a bit "creepy" because it knows about things before you ask for them but others, like me, enjoy Google Now's intuitive presentation of things that are important to me.

Turn on Google Now by:
  1. Start Google Search on your Android smart phone. 
  2. Touch Menu > Settings > Google Now

Here is a very clear article from Android Authority and how to set up Google Now.

I really like Google Now because I can see the "cards" even with my poor vision. This is huge for me.


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