Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Photo Booth is a Fun Camera App for iOS

Having fun with your new found gadget is the ultimate for me and here's a FREE app I think you'll love to play around with it. It's called Photo Booth and it's actually included with your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini.

There are 9 effects you can apply to camera views where you then snap the picture. Those 9 effects are: X-Ray, Light Tunnel, Stretch, Mirror, Normal, Twirl, Thermal Camera, Kaleidoscope and Squeeze. Take a look at some sample pics and give it a try yourself. Just have fun. My favorite effects are Kaleidoscope and Twirl but I'm sure you'll develop your favorites too.

9 Views via the iPad

Android has a few similar apps and I especially like Effect Booth. FREE


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