Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Counting Down the Days - Try these Apps and Wepsites.

Are you watching that calendar for your next vacation, Christmas, Anniversary or Retirement? Maybe you want to count the hours, minutes and seconds until you can tell your boss to ???? Try these websites and apps out for size. And they are FREE too.

Something Simple to see Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds until your date.
This one is a bit more colorful but just like the one above.
Do you have a blog? Create this countdown widget for it.
Another countdown timer but with big numbers.
An "egg timer" web page. Set the time and go!
This countdown timer lives on your desktop so you can see it all the time. There's even a pretty explanation of how it works--that is if you're interested.
Another basic one but different none the less. Sorry.
This one just counts down time but does it well and very easy to see.

Here's a page full of timers. A classroom timer, a bomb countdown or a Check Clock and many others.
Another page with a variety of timers including two iOS apps for your iPhone or iPad.

Date and Time Utilities
Ever wonder if your computer's clock of right. Click here to see.
This nifty page calculates the difference between two dates. Cool.
Another date calculator but allows you to quickly choose today's date.

Here is a list of handy Android countdown timers found on the Google Play Store. All FREE. Oh no, check out the TV Show "24" timer. Ouch. They cost $1.29. Sorry.

Take a gander at these Countdown apps for iOS. Sorry, some have a cost but geeze are there a lot of them! Check out the iTunes App Store and search for Countdown Apps.

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