Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CNET's TechTracker Advises When Software Updates Are Available

Are you still looking for the computer to make things easier instead of harder and more time consuming? CNET's TechTracker FREE application that helps keep the software on your computer up to date. No more searching, no more manually checking for updates. Just get an e-mail from TechTracker and that's it.

How this works--
TechTracker does an initial scan of your PC for software that it has in it's database and alerts you when a newer version is available and provides a link to upgrade. TechTracker accomplishes this by utilizing the vast catalog of downloadable software CNET has. 
Windows 8 does the same for Windows 8 apps but we're still a bit away from this for previous legacy or Windows 7 apps.
My vision disability makes it very difficult to read web page so I avoid searching for software updates because pages are just so difficult to read. Now I don't have to work hard at all.
  • Receive notifications and easily install your latest software upgrades
  • Customize how often TechTracker scans for updates
  • See product information and ratings before upgrading software

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