Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You SHOULD (read must) backup your PC. This is what I use.

Everyone should have a backup plan for their data on their PC. In fact, experts say you should have two regular backups with one of them being stored off-site. Off site meaning either in the cloud or at some one's home or office. I do a backup to an external hard drive each month and I also backup to the cloud using SugarSync.

SugarSync works quietly in the background and it saves everything. That is, when the computer is not active, Sugarsync takes over and synchronizes to the cloud. Very easy and reliable. I choose the folders I want synchronized and let it go. Use Sugarsync to restore a PC whenever necessary.

To start, go to the SugarSynch (or choose the link below to get an extra 500 mb of space) and get 5 megabytes of FREE space. If you require more space, an annual fee is charged. I've been using the annual plan for over 3 years and feel very comfortable that my computer data is backed up the moment I change it. 30 gb of space costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Additional plans are available.

I also use this same Sugarsync account on my Android phone to, in the background, back up photos I've taken. Once it backs up I delete the photos from the phone. Photos go from the phone, to the cloud and then down to my PC. What a seamless way to get photos to my PC. No e-mail, no plugging the phone in to my PC. It just happens.

SugarSync is also available for iPhone and iPad. I can use my iPad to open Word documents or photos that have been stored on the cloud. I can even update those documents and the changes are saved in the cloud and then down to my PC.

There are other products that do the same things. Click here for a comparison. I use some of them but SugarSync is the final place for my PC backups.


I’ve been using SugarSync and think you might like it. With SugarSync, you get 5GB of free storage to backup, sync, and share your music, photos, documents, and more. SugarSync also lets you access all of your data right from your mobile phone.

Click the link below to join SugarSync. When you join, you and I will each get an extra 500MB of bonus storage!

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