Wednesday, April 25, 2012

iPad and iPhone's Secret User Guide

The iPad/iPhone User Guide seems to be a secret because virtually everyone I speak to these days didm't remember seeing one when they opened the box.

Note: this a repeat from an earlier post but appears worth repeating.

Yes, Apple makes great products and their User Guides for those products are well written. However, did you find it in the box? Most consumer electronics don't have much of a paper user guide these days because they take up paper and cost. They typically include the guide on a CD or some electronic form. Apple is no different.

The iPad/iPhone Users Guides are found as a Favorite in Safari, Apple's internet browser. Go to Safari, select Bookmarks and go to the very bottom. The User Guide is well written (no techno speak), well illustrated and easy to read (large font and clear pictures).

You can also get the iPad/iPhone User Guides from iTunes. Choose Help (far right on the menu bar) and select your desired User Guide. Clicking the user guide link will open a PDF of the User Guide for safe keeping or printing as you desire.

Apple has terrific User Guides but not easily found.

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